High beam LED CREE U5 spotlights (pair) w/ switch on light

High beam LED CREE U5 spotlights (pair) w/ switch on light

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Pair of high beam powerful LED CREE U5 spotlights

with handlebar waterproof swich w/ on light
not to be confused with similar spotlights with annoying multiple function
these type is made on our specs, with a single function, at maximum brightness
The switch is metal, waterproof with red on light
Color: black only
Volts: DC 12∼80V
Lumens: 3000LM x2 (about 200W)
Power consumption: 15W (30 total)
Operating temperature: -40 to +40 ° C
Light color: 6500-7000K
IP67 class waterproof
measures (mm): width 90, height 93, length 120; weigth 400g
Includes attachment for mounting with chrome bolts
very robust: all metal (no plastic)
Connect in parallel to high beam, low beam.
If connect directly to battery, we suggest to add a fuse.

The negative (black) must always be connected directly to the battery negative.
NOT to be connected to the frame or other ground wires.
This prevents abnormal current, static impulses, spurious and harmonic currents that may damage the internal circuit stabilization.

Note: The LED light contains an electronic circuit which has different connection requirements from a standard bulb.


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